Day 897 Happy Easter

Bitsy seems none the worse for her Friday adventure- I, on the other hand, have a shocking cold. Partly from getting no sleep… after I talked to Mom, I went to bed. And 80s called… he apologized for waking me and got off immediately but it was still 1am… at 3am, Alex bit me. He didn’t break the skin, it was just a nip on the wrist… but it did wake me up. Possibly I was having a nightmare and that was his intention. At 5am, I got up and fed the cats and went back to bed for two hours before I had to get up and take a package to the post office and go by the bank to get money out to pay Mr Willie for being a hero and saving the dog… but mostly for putting the floor back together. (He hasn’t done that yet- he was going to do it today… but it IS Easter Sunday.)

Yesterday I did what chores had to be done and went to bed as often as I could and slept as long as I could. It wasn’t enough but it was something. Today I’ve been rather more up than down and gotten the rest of the weekend chores finished, written one letter and the beginning of another, read a bit on a Sarah Caudwell mystery (very florid prose- fun but not exactly easy going in my rather truncated mental state) and worked a bit on how I’m going to transfer the pattern I want on the tablecloth from the fabric it’s on to the table cloth. I expect it will involve a transfer pencil which is, as yet, unpurchased. In the meantime, I’ve cut out the napkins and will commence hemming them this evening while watching Grimm.

Amusingly, I skipped watching Grimm Friday night on TV so that I could go to bed early and head off this cold. As the ancestor (putative ancestor- it’s possible Dad was drawing a long bow when he claimed this) said “The best-laid schemes… gang aft agley”.

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2 Responses to Day 897 Happy Easter

  1. Lynn Duvall says:

    What’s the occasion for the labor-intensive table cloth pattern transfer? Sounds complicated. Are the Obama’s coming? Gawd, the secret service will make a mess of your house, puttin’ their shiny black shoes up on your coffee table and scattering snack crumbs about. Have you actually been able to become a regular Grimm-fan? I almost always want my 48 minutes back and when Fringe was still on I dropped it like a scalded witch. Good luck with your projects and sweet dreams. — Lynn Duvall aka Artemisia (btw, i hope you didn’t take my comments about smoking personally. They weren’t meant to be. It just always shocks me when I find out somebody I know smokes. But sounds like you want to quit, so I’m sure you will when the time is right :o))

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