Day 890

The transfer turned out beautifully! Now to work it up.

I was thinking that I would do the embroidery with floss instead of crewel yarn but, with a bit of research, I think I should go ahead and use the yarn. I looked at some antique tablecloths with crewel and they’ve come through the years well… and I looked at some crewel-type embroidery done with floss and it looks very flat and skimpy. If I am not silly about laundering it, it will be fine.

Yesterday was a good day- I got quite a lot done besides playing with my tablecloth… and today promises to be just as good. The weather is wonderful so when I wash things I’m hanging them out on the line to dry and I had all the windows open until almost dark- just lovely!

One of the things I did was help Mom go through a box of old embroidery. OMG, the things we have! I found a printed fabric panel for an apron to be embroidered that is from 1927- never worked up and still in it’s panel form. With some research I discover that it was sold at the precursor to K-mart and is marked “Trademark JBK No. 590 Ladies Apron”. The 10¢ yardsale sticker is still on it too. And bunches upon bunches of embroidery transfers from the 20s and 30s through the 60s and 70s for all kinds of different patterns. I have to wonder if some of the oldest will still work…

 photo P4060058_zps1b72fd7d.jpg
The apron panel

Right then I took a short break and went to hang some things on the line and pull others in… and apparently we had a power outage of less than a minute. Turned the computer off, turned the clock on the microwave off (not the one on the stove which is how I know it was less than a minute) and set my phone to look like someone new had called. The last number on it was my BFF who I talked to last night and I thought she had called… so I called her back quickly because if we just talked last night and she’s calling me before 9am, something’s up- probably something serious. Ah, no. I woke her up out of bed- I’m so sorry sweetie! Blame the power outage- I hope you got back to sleep.

Incidentally, thank goodness for autosave or I’d have lost the entire entry to that point.

I said I was getting something more for the St Patrick’s Day tabletop- the first one (I want 4) arrived yesterday!

 photo P4060059_zps18dca577.jpg
New cupcake plate for St Patrick’s Day tabletop

 photo P4060060_zps257f3def.jpg
with the rest of the dishes for scale. It’s tiny but so cute!

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