Day 876 Library

I’ve just been pottering about in my library and I have come to several conclusions.

    1. I need to read more and more often in spite of all the projects I have going.
    2. When Emily leaves home (and takes her books with her) I need to go through every book in there and get rid of the ones I will never reread.
    3. The library is not the ideal place for me to try and work out in the morning (or any other time!)
    4. As I have time and resources, I need to replace the pasteboard book cases with real wood ones- probably that I build as that will give me maxium value for the cost.

Last weekend I bought new shoes for work. I’m giving them two more days but if I’m still having sore feet, an aching back and my Achilles tendons are still hurting by Friday night, I’m going to SAS Saturday. I was hoping to get out of spending over $100 for work shoes but it’s beginning to look like that’s false economy.

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