Day 874

I got a lot accomplished today.

I went by and turned in ferret food so I can now send Eliz the cash for it (rather than mail it to her.) I bought food for Alex and the girls and asked the Vet why Blue Buffalo food would not be better for him than Hills M/D (which is prescription). I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the answer.

I bought new SAS shoes- and discovered that my feet didn’t actually get bigger with the girls- I’m still an 8½… they got wider and now I need a WW size. This is not surprising, I’ve always had very wide feet. What confuses me is why shoe stores only stock narrow and medium and a very very few wide widths- and nothing at all in WW for women. They stock all kinds of widths for men. They didn’t have my size in the colour I wanted (dark brown- called ‘Teak’) but there was a light brown (‘Mocha’) so that’s what I got. They could have ordered my size in Teak and shipped it to me… but it would have been Thursday before I got them… and I didn’t want to take the shoes off once I put them on! I vow I will never again try to economize on shoes.

I stopped by McKay’s and turned in some books we didn’t want… and found ’99 vampires’ which I have been wanting for awhile and a giant make-up book for Emily. Still no Season 2 of Being Human though.

I rented movies for Mom and Emily… and watched Mom’s with her. It was Lincoln and while I though all the actors turned sterling performances, I didn’t much like it. Mostly, I thought it was disjointed and hard to follow.

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