Day 873 Horse riding recital- with ribbons

Sunday, Emily took us on an unplugged outing to a horse show to support her friend, Justice. Justice takes riding lessons at Hidden Hills Farm and they were having a show and judging the girls on how much they had learned. It was like a piano or dance recital… with horses. We had a good time and several of Justice’s friends were there as well as all her family. (Bonus for me, her grandmother is a quilter!) The only thing I wish I had known in advance is how long it was going to be… I would have brought snacks and drinks. But for Emily’s first unplugged outing (one that she planned) it went off very well.

 photo DSCN0987_zpsde91cd91.jpg
Emily, Rachel and Drifter, the horse Justice was working with. Drifter is blind in his right eye so you have to be careful to approach him on the left.

 photo DSCN0988_zpsc4e8a314.jpg

 photo DSCN0989_zps5383d6ca.jpg

 photo DSCN0990_zps18a7e913.jpg
The inside walking track

 photo DSCN0991_zpse181232d.jpg

 photo DSCN0992_zps66721778.jpg

 photo DSCN0993_zps11430516.jpg

 photo DSCN0994_zpsd6d0ab0a.jpg
The littlest rider!

 photo DSCN0995_zps4766ddd5.jpg

 photo DSCN0996_zps3d85bfbc.jpg

 photo DSCN0997_zpsf896b7f7.jpg

 photo DSCN0999_zpsa74b18fa.jpg

 photo DSCN1001_zpsbc77f698.jpg

 photo DSCN1002_zpsad502b9c.jpg

 photo ad4c5e65-7add-493b-90e4-86ab5df4a046_zps396fdc71.jpg

 photo DSCN1004_zps4a43826a.jpg

 photo DSCN1005_zpsace6af7b.jpg

 photo DSCN1006_zpsacf772c4.jpg
The blue eyed dog that kept begging treats and attention from us.

 photo DSCN1007_zps52959b35.jpg

 photo DSCN1009_zps7779e07f.jpg

 photo DSCN1010_zps6c129e88.jpg

 photo DSCN1011_zpsc7d90194.jpg

 photo DSCN1014_zpsec8aca3b.jpg

 photo DSCN1016_zps4b456ec5.jpg

 photo DSCN1017_zps506f537d.jpg
The weather vane on the farmhouse

 photo DSCN1019_zps228358b7.jpg
I love zoom!

 photo DSCN1021_zps2f56ef8e.jpg

 photo DSCN1022_zps00aea01b.jpg

 photo DSCN1023_zpsa87b1826.jpg

 photo DSCN1024_zps7233c061.jpg

 photo DSCN1025_zps8dbbd391.jpg

 photo DSCN1026_zps47fc9603.jpg

 photo DSCN1027_zpsb8446bec.jpg

 photo DSCN1028_zps94a69653.jpg

 photo DSCN1029_zpsa051e3e7.jpg

 photo DSCN1030_zpsdac58c06.jpg

 photo DSCN1031_zps87d7cf4c.jpg

 photo DSCN1032_zps45eb9956.jpg

 photo DSCN1033_zpse0cf7664.jpg

 photo DSCN1034_zps4a8d3b06.jpg
Justice and Drifter

 photo DSCN1035_zps1423a71e.jpg

 photo DSCN1036_zps7cedb1c7.jpg

 photo DSCN1037_zps22888726.jpg
Bareback competition

 photo DSCN1038_zpsc73234d6.jpg

 photo DSCN1040_zps6ec74bca.jpg

 photo DSCN1041_zps3376feb8.jpg

 photo DSCN1042_zpscc55ba88.jpg

 photo DSCN1043_zps935e0ae4.jpg

 photo DSCN1044_zps914d3563.jpg

 photo DSCN1045_zps767d30da.jpg

 photo DSCN1046_zps7680d2de.jpg

 photo DSCN1047_zps3ed1993e.jpg

 photo DSCN1048_zpsca9f5453.jpg

 photo DSCN1049_zps1ba80222.jpg

 photo DSCN1050_zpsbf430f9e.jpg
The bumper stickers are their own explanation.

It began to rain so we had to come home as neither of us was dressed for cold spring rain. Justice won 1st place in showmanship and 5th in bareback- Emily hasn’t told me how she did after we left.

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