The Chocolate Fling

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Emily and I have actually been looking forward to going to this event (which is yearly) for several years. Unfortunately, it was a bad letdown. I asked her to write down the comments she was telling me in the car so here are Emily’s thoughts on the fling:

“You couldn’t really call the chocolate fest a ‘fling’ because a fling denotes that it was in some way pleasant. While Mom’s company was enjoyable, the rest, including the slim selection of mediocre looking boys and men and the coffee, was less then stellar.

The so-called professional chocolatiers, including some very nice boys from the local high school who deserve a shout out for trying to get out of their poor neighborhood and make something of their life, were focused primarily on presentation over product. While the chocolates looked nice, they tasted dismal and were often not credible for mentioning. Such was the boat hosting this fest’s dish.

I do not recall the name but it was a chocolate cream (I assume meant to be mousse) in a chocolate cup with a side of strawberry and nuts sprinkled on top. While this sounds delicious it was awful. The strawberry slice was thin and wilted. The cream was liquid, tasteless, and what taste there was resembled a non-alcoholic brandy. The one piece worth eating, and I was too disappointed to finish, was the chocolate cup, no doubt not made by the chocolatier chef presenting, making, and serving these.

The cakes and cupcakes where often stale and what was not, were moist to melted displeasure. The so-called ‘butter-cream’ frosting tasted like again brandy only this was more distinct and alcoholic. Mom miss-interpreted a cake as being cheesecake but it was over done and served in an ice cream cone cup of all things.

Suffice to say, we were not pleased and we will not be attending it next year. There were few who’s chocolates even tasted like chocolate the aforementioned alcoholic tasting ones where, you will be surprised to know, not from the homemade whiskey cupcake vendor. In fact, as I am under 21, I was not allowed a piece. In retrospect, I am pleased for I would have undoubtedly been disappointed.

The coffee as mentioned before was, Mom said, dreadful but then most places’ coffee is. In D.C. the coffee tasted burnt so I assume that is how it tasted here. Mom, I hope, will describe it below. They did serve iced water and whole, not skim, milk but that was of little consolation. The whole fest was a complete and utter disaster and let down. We paid for a 3 hour parking, we stayed for 1. The people were pleasant and the band excellent but they both lacked the ability to hold a candle in light of the horrific taste of the chocolate. While this may sound harsh, please refer to the reasons listed above.” (Edited for spelling only.)

She’s nailed it on almost everything. The coffee was overbrewed and tasted slightly burnt. The only ones I found palate-able at all were the Sea Salt toffee and the highschooler’s candy.

 photo 02_zps11dc0a10.jpg
The Southern Belle… the Fling was actually on the Riverboat!

 photo 03_zps1fab9005.jpg
Ticket Counter- I didn’t get the girl’s name, my bad!, but she has the loveliest smile… and she reminds me of Annie from Being Human.

 photo 04_zpsd140c65e.jpg

 photo 05_zpsfd34859a.jpg
One of the Silent Auction lots- I was tempted to bid on it except, where would I put it?

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 photo 09_zps76ad7b47.jpg

 photo 10_zpsd26ead0a.jpg

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 photo 12_zpsf14d58d0.jpg

 photo 13_zps0c71cec7.jpg

 photo 14_zpsf44cd6f9.jpg

 photo 15_zps26d37f64.jpg

 photo 16_zps9cb861bd.jpg
The boys from Howard High School- they had some of the better chocolate…

 photo 17_zpsef62a16a.jpg

 photo 18_zpsa21e2c91.jpg
The Southern Belle chef

 photo 19_zps031f6d3a.jpg

 photo 20_zps5d54bcdf.jpg

 photo 21_zps706465d5.jpg

 photo 22_zpsa233f06b.jpg

 photo 23_zps8c556392.jpg

 photo 24_zpsb94e402a.jpg

 photo 25_zps77cf3606.jpg

 photo 26_zps2d91ec8f.jpg
This is such a cool sign!

 photo 27_zps19efd09c.jpg
These were really pretty good.

 photo 28_zps5c09c134.jpg
Silent Auction

 photo 29_zps1f59cb5e.jpg

 photo 30_zps927873d6.jpg

 photo 31_zps06c485e4.jpg

 photo 32_zpsb123e63d.jpg
Live music- too loud but very good otherwise.

 photo 33_zps2839964c.jpg
The balcony where the Fling was.

 photo 34_zps1985d718.jpg
Pretty bar- rotten coffee.

 photo 35_zpsbc0d6380.jpg

 photo 36_zps7ae3badb.jpg

 photo 37_zps797d21c0.jpg

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