Day 862

It’s been quite a week so far.

I had the day off Monday which I mostly wasted except for going and buying a stove and microwave for Mom and mailing a couple of Ebay packages. I’m hoping to raise enough to get the gold roll I want for the Wizard of Oz series… which is probably foolish as I have several projects ahead of those books in the que.

The Dorothy kitten ran away night before last… and came home for breakfast. I’m hoping that she stayed close to the house and didn’t meet a tomcat in her prowls. While she was gone, Emily was beside herself with worry. I was a bit less so, as our house is bounded on one side with the railroad and another with the road and a third with the swamp… Dorothy doesn’t like loud noises or fast moving things or water so I thought that would likely keep her close to home.

Yesterday, I made dinner because Mom was in the process of having a new stove and microwave delivered. The microwave had a bad dent in it so we had to send it back and another one should be here soon.

I also had to buy Alex a new bottle of insulin- I love him a lot… that’s expensive! Fortunately we use so little that one bottle lasts a long time.

We’re getting a new assistant manager in produce today. I say new, but he’s worked here twice before and I’m so glad to have him back! Now we’ve got the dream team… manager, assistant and the guy that works four hours in the morning are all the best I’ve seen… and then there’s me a couple of days a week which makes me the least valuable player. That’s not a common spot for me and I have to say, I do love working with competent people!

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