Day 852 Happy Cinco de Mayo! Still raining…

but today I don’t have to go anywhere. I have Black Cat coffee and two episodes of Grimm to catch up on and embroidery to do.

There are pinto beans on the stove (for a side with tacos tonight, chili tomorrow)and my sheets are in the dryer. (There was no hanging clothes out this week- no chance at all- so dryer it is.)

I’m not worrying about the floors until this deluge stops- no point in it with the dogs running in and out.

I’ve been reading more than sewing for the past week- I needed that! However, after finishing The Black Country, I wanted something a bit lighter than the next two books I have laid out- lovely leatherbound copies of Poe and T S Eliot. Both are depressing- add to that the constant rain and neverending bills and chores- I couldn’t face them right now. So instead I read a couple of Emily’s books that 1) I wanted to read and 2) she’s been wanting me to read. Still a bit dark but ‘light and fluffy dark’- at least, The Ghost and the Goth was. Girl of Nightmares was not so much… and it was disappointing. Anna Dressed in Blood was so good but trying to bring it back didn’t work very well. (This is, incidentally, my opinion. The reviews are mostly favorable.) Since it is still raining and reading depressing things is not a good idea when it is pouring rain and you’re prone to depression anyway, the next things I’ll be reading are the Andrew McCall Smith books: Portuguese Irregular Verbs, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs and At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances. (One of the things I adore about Smith is his titles!)

How is it that I have never had a cat named Tybalt?

I think I am stressing about money- I had a dream last night where I couldn’t keep ahead of someone- I was even trying to bear-walk and couldn’t keep ahead. And then too, I went bookshopping at McKay’s yesterday- and when that wasn’t satisfactory (only 5 books), got 6 more books from a seller on ABE last night. (Ok, $35 total for both shopping sprees and that’s with the shipping). However, a shopping spree like that is not normal for me… and that was two in one day.

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