Day 846

I’m feeling a lot better today. I got sleep and had coffee and talked (briefly) to my bff so I’m full of energy today.

The dishes are done, the counters are clean, the bathroom is mostly clean, the laundry is done and the sheets and towels are drying. The floors can wait until next weekend when I have decreed that we will BOTH be cleaning house. I want the dusting done, I’ll do the floors (ouch, my back), Emily’s going to do the windows and I’ll get couch cover and dog beds washed on top of the weekly stuff. It has to wait until next weekend because I’m having to use the dryer this weekend and I can hang things out next weekend.

So now I’ve got dinner to fix tonight (already laid out and planned) and curry for tomorrow. I would not be making curry if Mom hadn’t asked for it- I had planned to make something fast and easy- it being Mother’s Day. Since it’s likely that Mom’s speeches about it being nothing but a “Hallmark holiday” have impressed the girls that they shouldn’t bother to do anything for me, I was just going to take it a bit easy. (I notice that it may be a “Hallmark holiday” but she’s still using it to get me to make her a complicated and time-intensive dinner… it’s only supposed to be ignored for me, not for her.) Still, I like curry a lot and we haven’t had it for a long time and I can do the shopping for it today.

In projects, I’ve got most of the mushrooms done in the center of the table cloth. When I finish those, I’ll go back and put in the grass and then I can move on to designing the corners and sides. After that, napkins.

I’ve also come up with the way I want to make Nancy’s detective kit (it’s so cool- I can’t wait to work on it!) and I may even have the shoes for that outfit sorted. When I get that outfit together, I’ve got a couple of others to take pictures of- ‘Avant Garde Evening at the Gallery’, ‘Picnic Party’, ‘At the Sock Hop'(not sure I want to keep this one), ‘Strawberry Festival’ and ‘Afternoon in the Park’. “Afternoon in the Park’ is going to take a bit of working on- I’m not totally happy with the dress and I want to modify it a bit plus it needs a hat. The detective outfit has been a bear and hit a real snag with the shoes… Nobody would wear heels to go detecting and finding anything else for any barbie is a real problem! The Sabrina cocktail dress is still in the works- I’ve just had other things to do. I’ve also got a red dress that I don’t know if I’m going to be keeping or what I’ll do with it if I do.

I haven’t done much quilting lately although there are several things I want to be working on, ditto the book bindings. Hopefully by summer I’ll be able to work on some of those and maybe even the Sherlock game (this is less of a priority- I don’t have anyone to play it with right now.)

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