Day 845 Mother’s Day- How is this my life?

Well, it’s been a day.

First, I fixed the washing machine by cleaning out the gunk from the intake hose (the cold needs to be on a filter!). Then I noticed the dryer duct was torn right at the floor… so I tried to pull it up so I could cut it off and reattach it as I’ve done so many times before… and it won’t come up.

Ok, crawl under the house… Oh. It won’t come up any more because it is stretched as tight as it will go. So when I take Emily to get one of her pages reprinted, I get a new 20′ length of dryer duct.

Home… and fix the washing machine again because the intakes are dripping… which could be why I tightened them down so hard the last time.

Get Emily’s project blocked up in the book press and start to apply a spine… and the glue is dried up. Use a different glue and hope for the best… so far, it looks good.

Go over to Mom’s to get her weed killer and spray the beds she wants killed… and the week killer is already mixed up from last year, so no mixing, just pump up and spray.

Ah, no. Take the sprayer apart and clean out the gunked up nozzle and hose from having been left partly filled all winter. Now, try to spray and get only a stream. Do the best that can be done.

Back home and now crawl under the floor, rip down the old dryer duct and attempt to put the new one in. Two problems. The duct is 4″.. and so are both connectors. Someone please tell me why the duct is not just slightly larger? An eighth of an inch would make it so much easier… and it’s going to be clamped down anyway… who decided that anyone should have to take two cylinders of the same size and put one inside the other? I mean, really. Were they counting on the elasticity of aluminum? Look it up, the elasticity of aluminum is zero (ok, technically it’s 10 mpsi but without any tools but hands, it might as well be zero). The second problem is that the vent, which should be bolted to the wall of the house, is not- so pushing on it makes it migrate outside. So now I have to push a 4″ aluminum tube onto a 4″ aluminum tube while holding the second tube in place. Que frustration.

Finally get done, come in and shower the cobwebs, weed killer and other assorted detritus off and go to light a cigarette. Except that they aren’t there. When I stripped off the clothes, I pulled the lighter out of my pocket and laid it on the table… but no cigarettes. Ah, damn, they must have fallen out under the house. So I go back out to crawl under the house again (second shower coming right up) and there they are, laying on the ground outside the access door. Thank you, God.

Come back inside and realize that it’s now almost 3pm and if I’m going to make curry, I need to start. Start chopping things. Chop ALL THE THINGS! Feed dogs by splitting up chicken bones and handing the bones and skin out. (That’s not all they could have, they have dry food always available.)

2 hours later, start making curry and feed the cats here.

Finish curry, serve and realize I have only made enough rice for two. Serve me and Emily and start a second batch of rice. Give Alex his shot… he didn’t want it tonight and kept walking away just as I got down to skin.

Take Mom’s curry to her and give Miss Fuzz her pill before I feed her. She usually takes it pretty well but tonight she spit it out three times. Feed the cat.

Wait until Mom finishes her phone call to come home 35 minutes late and run Emily to bed, try to get on the internet while she is showering… and the computer is very very slow. Restart the computer.

Only it won’t shut down… after 20 minutes I cut the power and had to boot back up. Run virus scan… I’ll be defragging as soon as I get off.

And this has been ‘How I spent my Mother’s Day’ by Little Gretchen Ingram, aged 50.

It was not all bad- everything got fixed, Em’s magazine looks great (it better, it’s her capstone project), I found a set of corners to use on ‘Winterfair Gifts’ (if I ever get to bind it!), the curry was delicious (needed more curry powder though- my curry powder is old) and I got to talk to my BFF while I was chopping all the things… but it really wasn’t how I planned to spend my mother’s day.

I have another post about journaling vs blogging as well as a blog for everyone to read… but it will have to wait. I’m tired and I’m going to bed.

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