Day 843 Blog vs Journal

I know I’m exceptionally slow about some things but it has finally crossed my mind that, inspite of the WordPress version of my journal, I don’t blog. I journal.

This is not to say that one is better than the other (see my friend’s list for some truly awesome journals!) but a journal is random bits- what happened today, what I’m planning for the weekend, a smidgen of this and a smattering of that… rather like a good mulligan stew. A blog is more focused- it’s about cooking or quilting or travel or something. It has a theme and a subject. I could make any of my hobbies into a blog- although considering that I don’t have any too much time to work on them, entries would be erratic and infrequent. So I choose to journal instead and lump them all together. (It’s not even an excellent journal- planned and crafted. It’s a brain dump on a not-daily basis.) On the other hand, reading my journal is very like talking to me… and you can even answer back if you choose.

This is apropos of a fabulous blog I found (she actually found me… no idea how) called The Matilda Project. Go there and meet Emily from London who’s blog is all about the little independent bookshops in and around London. I swear, if I ever get to London, I’m taking her map with me and visiting every single one!

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