Day 840

So it’s been lovely and sunny all week long while I’ve had to work. Today, tomorrow and Sunday, it’s going to rain. So I expect I’ll have to be using the dryer again to do clothes- bother.

On the other hand, Emily and I have done very well keeping the electric bill down- this month was only about 60% of last month’s.

Today is Emily’s 8th grade advancement- she’s skipping it because, as she points out, it will be about an hour and then she would have to walk over and sit at work the rest of the day.

I’ve found another dress I want to buy (or make) for Nancy- ‘a dress with some slink’:

The dress by itself is $45 which is hardly the most expensive I’ve seen… but how hard would it be to make? I’m still thinking about it as I already have quite a number that I want to make and little enough time to do it.

I’m still working on the mushrooms on the table cloth. After that, I go back and put the grass in and start on the trees on the corners.

Addendum: Why is it that all the spam comments I get on here assume I want lots of traffic? It’s not as if I’m selling something…

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