Day 833

Well, I finished Nancy’s ‘sleuthing kit’ bag. It works, it worked out just as I planned… and I don’t like it at all. So back to square one although I think I’ll simply look for a commercial bag that will be large enough to hold everything. So far I’ve got a couple of options and I’m especially liking this one on Etsy:

I’m also considering adding a compass and a rope with D rings… too much? Other suggestions are also welcome- you’d be surprised what can be found for “play scale” dolls. Perhaps I should get the bag and see if there is actually any space left before I go adding stuff.

I tell you what, this outfit has been a pain in the butt! I may go ahead and take her picture in the outfit (which I’m happy with finally) and add a picture of the kit when I get it sorted so I can go ahead and take pictures of other outfits which are done or mostly done. (My big grumble on not wanting to take this outfit off and put it back on is the watch. I have to use tweezers to buckle it onto her wrist and it’s a pain.)

In other news, they’re cutting hours at work again (how many rounds of this is it now?) and so I’m being told that I’ll only be allowed to have 28 hours.

In the meantime, I have an unexpected three day weekend. (*faints*) So I’m planning to get ALL THE THINGS done today and spend the rest of it working on the tablecloth and possibly some other things for Nancy. We’ve even got sunshine and no rain predicted so I can wash up and hang clothes out. The floors are not bad since I just did them last weekend so all they need is sweeping, take the recycling in, buy cat food and stop by the bank to deposit money and that’s all the chores I must do. Other things I may do are: look for a cabinet for Mom’s kitchen next to the new stove, stop by the quilt store (haven’t been in there in a long time) and stop by McKay’s and see if they have any Richard Castle or Being Human books.

No, I don’t need more books, I just got a shipment from ABE that I haven’t read yet (on top of the 200 other books I haven’t read yet) but I’m acquisitive about books. *insert total lack of apology*

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