Day 824

Short post because I have not much to say, just checking in.

I’m working on the grass in the centre of the Hobbit tablecloth and with luck and diligence should finish it today.

Kitten has an appointment in the morning to get fixed- which means I have to have her across town by 8am. Not actually a problem if I get up at 5 like I am supposed to. I don’t like making the appointments at Wally’s Friends in the first of the week- it means that they have to stay over night and get picked up the next morning- but if I have to work on Friday (and I sincerely hope that I do) I wouldn’t get off in time to pick her up.

At the suggestion of my BFF, Nancy’s sleuthing kit as acquired a pair of tweezers and some ziplock bags for evidence. To 1/6 (play) scale… which is what Barbie is. They’re so cute! I still need that bag which was shipped May 31 from China so I don’t know when it will get here. I’m also expecting a batch of strawberries from England to go in a basket for her Strawberry Festival outfit. I still have to make a napkin for the basket but since they’re coming from England I should have plenty of time for that.

Recently, I’m had this feeling that I’m waiting on something- I don’t know what or why I’m feeling this way… maybe just because watching Castle has left me shorter than usual on sleep (it has but I don’t know if that’s what’s causing the feeling.) I wish it would go away- it’s making me sluggish and I’m not accomplishing as much as I usually do

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