Day 819

This has been a week.

Monday’s episode of How is this my Life? is entitled “Riding in Cars with Cats”.

I took Dorothy kitten in to get spayed. Not letting her eat breakfast was interesting, I had to shut her up in the cat carrier before I fed the others and the whole time she was yelling “I’m hungry!!” and “Let Me OOOOUT, I want my BREAKFAST!!”

The other cats, in an unusual show of solidarity, went on hunger strike and refused to eat without her. Now, that’s not a problem with Anna and Shredder, Anna could definitely stand to skip a meal and Shredder is a healthy weight… But Alex must eat and he must have his shot… and we’re on a time limit here! We needed to leave the house by 7 to be at Dorothy’s appointment by 8. I finally got enough food in Alex to give him his shot and away we went, Dorothy still complaining about missing breakfast.

I brought Emily (who insisted that she go with me since Dorothy is her kitten) back home and went to work. After work, I did the shopping Mom asked me to do- two different places, fortunately close.

I got home and Mom tells me that Miss Fuzz has stopped eating and must go to the vet. Since I hadn’t had time for food, I ate dinner and took her to the vet where we waited and waited (they were very busy and we were the 5th walk-in). When she got seen, it was more waiting on the fast lab tests and we didn’t get home until 10:30.

Tuesday and Wednesday were about normally busy… plus trying to coax Miss Fuzz to eat with very limited success.

Yesterday, I was asked by two different departments to come in early, which I did. They had called someone else in to cover the shift I was scheduled for and I still ended up working 8 hours and having plenty to do. If I’d been allowed to work in produce as well (which I wasn’t), I’d have found enough for at least 12 hours, maybe more. They need me full time, they really do, and could probably use two of me. We’ll see what happens today.

When I got home, my ebay score of 6 Atlantis cordial glasses had arrived:

They’re as close a match to Debut (by Lennox) as I could find:

And I only paid about $10 a stem… since Replacements has them (when they have them) for around $45 a stem, I think I got a bargain!

Warm Bodies is out in the Red Box at my store and I’m going to try and get a copy to watch tonight and work on either hemming napkins or making a heat transfer pattern for the embroidered trees on the tablecloth. I’ve got the corners but I’m not sure about the sides… I may have to do several repeats because it’s just too small. Still thinking about that.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Monday’s episode of How is this my Life? is entitled “Riding in Cars with Cats”.”


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