Day 807 Books in series

It’s always a bit of a shock to me to think I have read all the books in a series and then discover that there are more. I’m not talking about a series like the Destroyer novels (of which there are 149 and more being published all the time), I’m talking about things you think you know… and then you just don’t. Take Mary Poppins (with a spoon full of sugar if you must- I always liked the lime cordial better). I know some people think it’s just a movie or just a movie and a book. I thought it was 4 books… as it turns out, it’s eight books! How did I miss this?

And then there’s Oz. When I was growing up, I knew there was more than one book, I even knew there were more than the 14 by Baum… I read the first 40. Now I’m looking and there are fourty nine listed Oz books on Goodreads. Upon doing some research, I feel a little bit better… when I was chasing down and reading all the Oz books, only 40 had been published so I did read all of them at the time. I doubt I will go back and read the last nine, all the ones from 15 on never merited a second read from me and I never actually wanted to own them. They read too much like fan-fiction. Considering how hard I have to fight against my collecting impulses most of the time, if there’s a collection of something (especially books) that I could get easily and don’t even want, that says a lot about the quality.

So, here’s a question. What books did you think you knew… and then found out there was more? Were you delighted or disgusted?

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