Day 806

Well, yesterday sucked, mostly. I had to go renew my driver’s licence and the picture looks horrible… which makes me feel pretty bad about my looks. Yes, I know looks aren’t everything… but they’re something and mine are bad.

So I went book shopping (on the cheap, I’m strapped for money at the moment) and came away with a lot of books (12) off of my wanted list for not very much at all… which didn’t make me feel a lot better.

I talked to my BFF… which did make me feel better because it always does and made brownies which only made me feel a bit better temporarily.

Also I think I may as well forget the Goodreads giveaways- I never win any more and I’m tired of the daily disappointment.

I think what I actually need is a good cry and to sleep until I wake up, neither of which I’ll get. Instead, I’m going to get done what needs to be done (feed the cat, wash the dishes, work etc.) and fix the two logic problems that I messed up because I misread them and so forth. Doesn’t look to be a good day but I should feel some better by the end of it.

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