Day 804

Every so often, the plans I make morph into something I didn’t expect… sometimes quite suddenly.

I intended to move Emily’s furniture around for her this weekend. I did not intend to pull up the carpet and lay a new floor in her room although it seems obvious and sensible when I look at it from a certain angle. So that is what I am going to be doing in just a few minutes and for the forseeable weekend. The painting will have to be done another time but she will get a new floor and (finally) get rid of the last of that hideous carpet.

Alex is not getting his shot this morning. Last night, he ate his prescription food… and it came back. So I gave him more (arrgh!) and then couldn’t get him to eat much of it. I only gave him a half dose of insulin because I don’t want him to have too much for the food he’s actually eaten. This morning, he ate a little… and it came back. So I gave him a dish of the food without carbs that he loves and am not giving him his shot as he has no carbs on board to support it. This seems like a logical thing to do- I hope I’m right!

My bookish self is coming to the forefront of my personality right now. By the end of today, it may be the house-proud self… but there’s no certainty in that. Partly because of this, my next dream vacation:

Besides being an awesome beautiful library, it’s also a hotel- so you can actually rent a room (with bed and meals) and stay at the library.

I’ve also found the fairy tale book that was burned in the house fire when I was 10 and I’ve been looking for a replacement copy ever since:

It would just figure that it’s collectible and expensive- the original copy I think I bought for a quarter at a school rumage sale.

In other news, Frontline really works! I live in the country so ticks are a (horrible) fact of life. I found one in my bed last night… but it must have come off one of the animals because it was stone dead. This is sooo much better than a live one!

Also because we live in the country, the house doesn’t smell too good… and the yard smells a lot worse. The dogs apparently startled a skunk last night. *sigh* I just hope none of them got tagged or I’ll be bathing a dog. With vinegar. Ew.

Ok, it’s almost 7am, I better get to work if I want this room done this weekend.

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2 Responses to Day 804

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Where is that library/hotel?? We have to go there! Bucket list!

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