Day 803

The floor did not get finished yesterday. Emily had to finish cleaning stuff out and then we had to move all her stuff to elsewhere in the house, we had to go pick out and pick up flooring and I had to pull up all the carpet and clean the sub-floor. At 9:15 Em told me that I totally needed to quit for the night. It would have gone together faster if the sub-floor wasn’t a tiny bit uneven and the boards a tiny bit warped.

On the other hand, I have it half done and somehow we lucked into a floating floor as opposed to one that needs glue… and for only $1.16 a square foot, which is awesome. I had to pull out the base boards because of that… but no glue! That means no leading edge to loose, no cats getting into the glue and suddenly needing a bath, no glue spot on the floor, no sticky on me, no messy trowel to clean… and no expense for glue which is not cheap.

And when I stopped, while Emily was taking her shower, I found the Let’s Pretend book on Ebay for a lot less than I’ve seen it anywhere else… and completely grabbed it. I wasn’t going to get it until after my birthday but if I hadn’t bought it then, it would have vanished in minutes. It couldn’t have been up for very long or someone else would have seen it and gotten it- to flip it if nothing else. *happy sigh*

Ok- back to the floor- pictures tonight if nothing goes amiss.

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