Day 797

Well I got almost everything to where it needed to go and the house is moderately clean… except for the stuff Emily has in the library. Since that’s mostly papers, she has to sort them as she puts them away and that’s a longer process. We went by Staples yesterday and got her two file boxes (the kind that stack and pull open) which should take care of her storage needs- for now. I wanted the stackable boxes so that we can expand as needed. She thinks she’ll need another box but I know from experience how much smaller everything is when it’s organized.

The best of this is that she keeps finding things she thought she had lost and reading me bits of it… some of it she barely remembers writing.

So today, I need to make Shepherd’s Pie for dinner. Since I have no left-overs, I’ll just be making everything from scratch but I want something filling for dinner. Mom had leftovers last night for us and while I was grateful not to have to cook, there wasn’t really enough to go around. I’m the one serving the plates so I shorted myself instead of Mom or Em and I’ve been a bit hungry ever since. (Yes, I ate a sandwich. And I had breakfast this morning… lots more cereal than I should have had… and I’m still hungry and I have no idea why!)

Besides that, I have a little more laundry to do and the rest of the day I’m going to try and embroider. If I get a corner finished, I’ll post a picture… but the best laid plans of mice and wrens, you know.

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