Day 791

Yesterday was busy… just, um, wow. People, when you have a day off, is the first thing you think “I’m going grocery shopping”? Emily stayed busy too- she got quite a lot done on her filing… until she ran out of files. I’ve got to get her more.

I am supposed to get dressed and go run errands this morning before work… and I’m just too bloody tired. It means I’ll have to run more on my one day off which sucks but they’ve got to get done sometime. Plus I have shopping for Mom to do after work today- she didn’t give me all of it Wednesday.

I found a copy of Arias and Symphonies on CD- I have the vinyl but I don’t like playing my vinyl much. I also found a CD copy of Dreams and Images of which I have a promo copy. It’s very late-sixties dreamy but I haven’t decided if I want to CD it yet.

And how did I miss Blood Ties? I’m very fond of those books- I hope the show lives up to them- in any event, I have something I need to catch up on, tv-wise.

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