Day 780 A birthday, a death and a (possibly) ruined raincoat. Unrelated, I’m sure.

Sunday was my BFF’s birthday… and she’s off on an adventure (extra points if you heard that in Martin Freeman’s voice) so I didn’t get to talk to her. I do hope she’s having a fabulous time though!

Monday, I got home from work to find a message on my machine that a different dear friend had died. It wasn’t unexpected- we’d been expecting it for years- but it is a bummer. The odd thing is that I don’t feel like I feel anything- but I’m forgetting things and dropping things and feeling more tired than I should. I’m getting focused on tiny unimportant things while forgetting things I should be doing.

The cats are all petting me.

While I was feeding the cats, I decided that I might as well go ahead with my plan to dye the lining of Nancy’s raincoat. I like the raincoat well enough… but it’s red and purple is possibly the last colour I would have lined it with. I wanted to dye the lining black to match the hat and the new umbrella and dye the white stitches too. I carefully tested the dye on the vinyl on an inside seam and it was fine… so I proceeded.

The damned dye went through the lining and dyed the INSIDE of the vinyl!!

And the lining? Still purple as ever.

Mom suggested that I soak it in a weak bleach solution and see if that would help. As it was ruined anyway, I tried it an almost all the dye came out except where the vinyl is folded over itself. I’ll have to rip out those seams and open it up to get to the inside of the vinyl where it’s dyed. On the good side, the purple came out of the lining and it’s white now. So now I have to decide… take this one apart and try to get all the dye to come out and reline it with black (and restitch it with black) or use it as a pattern to make one out of leather and line it with black (I already have the right leather laying about) or buy another one and bleach it and live with a white lining and white stitching (although I can take a sharpy to the stitches). In any case, it’s become a lot more of a project than it was supposed to be. How come it never goes smooth?

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