Day 777

Because of the way our work week runs, I have had ever other day off this week. Which, of course, could mean I’ll be working 6 days in a row next week but it’s not unmanageable. It also means that I don’t have all that much to do on Saturday.

One thing I do have to do sometime soon is figure out what Emily is going to need for school this year- both clothes and school supplies. They go back to school August 8 (really? omg- so early!) and we need to start preping for it. This means I have to choke a supply list from the school… and a list of clothes she needs from Emily.

Doll sewing is going on hold. I really need to finish the table cloth and get it out of the way and then get working on Emily’s quilt if I want it anywhere close to done by her birthday. I’m not happy with the tablecloth- it looks so homemade (as opposed to handmade). I really should have managed to do better with it.

In re: doll sewing, I wish I could sew as fast as I can think of ideas! I’ve got a great idea for a coffee date dress now… on top of the picnic outfit, the afternoon in the park outfit and the wet weather outfit that is giving me such trouble. (I got the wellies yesterday… and they’re obviously not meant to be worn as the toes are solid. I’ve messaged the seller but haven’t heard back yet.) On the other hand, I did decide to actually buy the Sabrina dress. I hope it fits and is suitable… I really don’t want to have to make it over or make another one because the fabric is sleazy or the construction is poor. For the wet weather dress, Emily helped me create a fabric on Spoonflower here. The fabric will be here Monday… and then I’ll set it aside along with whatever I’m going to do about the raincoat until I have finished at least the tablecloth and the quilt.

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One Response to Day 777

  1. I love the rain fabric! That’s lovely!

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