Day 776

There’s an old commercial about Marines doing more before breakfast than most people do all day. I have always found that funny because, most days, my schedule would run a Marine into the ground.

Not today, however. I overslept until almost 7 and jumped up to feed the cats with huge apologies for being late. Then I checked mail, listed three new ebay auctions, washed a load of clothes and caught up on my LJ friends page. I’m having breakfast now so that wasn’t much… most days I’m up at 5 and do a LOT more, especially during the school year.

I also killed a bug that was crawling around in my microwave when I got my coffee out. Don’t judge me! That bug had lived through a minute of being microwaved and was still crawling. It was obviously evil and of the devil.

Today is a day off but not one to relax, I have to do some shopping (cat food, bread, Mom’s cigarettes- the necessities) and take the recycling in. After that, I may get enough time to work on the tablecloth… I should be able to finish the second tree today… before I start dinner.

I was noticing last night on the news they’re reporting about the heat in the North East cities, notably New York, and all the people that were complaining of the heat were on pavement. Get off the pavement! Really, the park is huge and in the shade in the park, you’ll be a lot more comfortable. Even a small patch of green is amazingly cooling when it’s this hot.

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