Day 774 Back to School

Emily will be going back to school Thursday August 8th. (In a little over two weeks- que panic.) Three things have to happen before then:

    1) A med-check appointment with her doctor
    2) Shopping for any needed school clothes
    3) Shopping for school supplies

Two of these things can be done on any random Saturday… except next Saturday when we already have something scheduled… or any day I happen to have off during the week. One of these things requires an appointment which requires planning for a day off. Normally, this would not be such a thing but work has been bouncing my days off around- sometimes on a daily basis- so it’s hard to plan ahead. The only day I’m sure to have off is Saturday (because I insisted that if I’m going to work every Sunday, I’m going to be off every Saturday). For a doctor’s appointment, this does not help.

What is awesome is calling my pediatrician this morning and asking when we could make the appointment… and when I asked “Could it be today?” being told “Yes”. I was supposed to work today… but since I am not, I’m glad to accomplish something I need a day off for.

As for the other two things, supplies cannot be bought until she goes back to school because they aren’t giving out supply lists for high school until the first day of school. (OMG, really?) So supply shopping will have to happen on Saturday the 10th. Clothes shopping we can do either Thursday (assuming my schedule doesn’t change) or Saturday the 3rd.

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