Day 759

Up to feed the cats but I am possibly going back to bed for a couple of hours, because I can!

John, about the books: No, audio books would be no solution. I only have a 15 minute drive, only a cassette player in the car and no other time when I could listen to them. Plus, I read faster than I can listen to audio books and a lot of what I want to read is not on audio books. Thanks for the suggestion though (and if you’re reading it, let me know and I’ll get a copy just to hear you!)

School starts in two days and Emily has not finished her room, not read her book- in short, she’s procrastinated all summer and now she’s out of summer… but not out of summer chores. I put a new floor in her room with the understanding that she would clean it up as she moved back in and it hasn’t happened so now I’m going to with-hold allowance until she completes the task.

I found a massage office (Massage Heights) not too far from here that offers 1 hr for $39.99 and am wondering if I should schedule appointments… and if so, for what time on Monday. It looks quite nice, the biggest attraction being that it isn’t Sarah’s.

This is the second day I’ve had off in a row and the only chores I have for today are to go pick up my check and put it in the bank, water Mom’s plants and put the bins on the road for pick-up in the morning. Other things I want to do today but are not chores, write a letter, finish Nancy’s vacation trunk, finish Nancy’s tablecloth (and work on mine) and do some stretching exercises. My heel is so much better when I start the day with a small workout- it almost doesn’t hurt to walk and the limp is a lot less noticeable.

In re Nancy’s holiday wardrobe, I got the rainbow stripe dress I was coveting (Barbie Fun ‘n’ Games #1619)… and it makes her look fat. Which just goes to prove that horizontal stripes (and a dropped waist) are not actually a good look for anyone! It’s also a bit too large (???) and I’m looking at making it a bit more fitted which should mitigate most of the problems- on Nancy. I still think it would be a bad look for anyone without a perfect figure.

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