Day 748

No, I did not kill myself over the birthday… it was actually one of the better ones I’ve ever had… I’ve just been a bit busy.

So what am I doing up at 4am on my day off? The dogs woke me up at 2:30 and haven’t shut up enough for me to go back to sleep as I went to bed very very early last night and after 5 hours of sleep, it’s harder for me to either go back to sleep or stay asleep as that’s been my whole night far too often.

This is not as bad a thing as it could be… as soon as it’s light, I’m going to start packing recycling in the car- there’s a blue ton of it as I skipped last week. I also have to get two kinds of cat food, a calculator and probably some penny notebooks at Staples (thanks tx_cronopio for posting about that!) and drop a package off at the post office.

fabricdragon Loving the violin talk! I don’t know much about them but it’s interesting.

zenkitty_714 came for my birthday and we had three wonderful days full of conversation, a massage, cat petting and movies. Awesome!

Still no word at work about me going full time. I’m trying not to be paranoid that it’s taking so long. Also we’re loosing one of our assistant managers- it’s a good move for her and I’m happy for that but I’ll miss her. She was very good about getting things done in a timely manner. On the other hand, the ‘new’ assistant is an encore and he’s not only a good manager but a friend and I’m so glad he’s back! The assistant produce manager who has been acting manager since the produce manager quit did not get the job… which is not so good. He’s been doing a good job- not perfect but he was just dumped into the situation and did the best he could which was pretty darned good and getting better all the time. Don’t know if I’ll like the new guy or not as I haven’t met him but I think it was a bad choice not to reward the people who stepped up and kept things running.

In my spare time I’ve been playing with Nancy as I have been a bear of little brain so anything mentally challenging has been a bit beyond my scope. I’ve been working on a vacation trunk for her- possibly pictures soon- and I’ve decided that she needs to be able to change hairstyles sometimes. The easy way to do that is to have more than one head and style the hair the way it should be for each look… and then just change the head. So now I have a couple of heads to work with and will be attempting to put the styles back to the way they should be (obviously it’s less expensive to find one with messed up hair and restyle it than to find pristine ones). I’m insisting that the face remain the same… it wouldn’t be Nancy with another face… but that face was made with several hairstyles. I’m also insisting that the colour remain the same although I did have a brief flirtation with having her go redhead.

Eventually, Nancy’s going to have to have a cabinet of her own.

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