Day 731

It has not been a very good day. Work was fine… but after I got home, the water decided to go out.

Um. Ok, call the place that installed the new pump 14 months ago… they won’t even come look at it until morning at the earliest. (When I called it was only about 4- plenty of light left to come see what was up and if it was an easy fix or not) And the guy hung up on me, practically, when I asked if I should call someone else.

This made me want to punch him repeatedly. Water is kind of essential… for cooking, cleaning, showering, flushing the toilet. No water is a very bad thing and kind of an emergency. This guy said he was too busy but he sounded drunk or asleep (or both) and like he couldn’t be bothered.

So, after looking at it, I told Mom to call Willie. He’s our general handyman and can do a lot with plumbing… and this looked more like a plumbing problem (busted pipe seam) than a pump problem. He came, went and got new pipe, and had it fixed before dark.

But because the pump ran for so long, it stirred up the sediment in the well (all this rain has not helped, either) so we still have orange water with lots of crud in it. (yeah yeah- it comes out of the ground, people. Of course it gets sediment if the water gets too low) It will hopefully clear by morning so I have poseponed my shower and Emily’s until then. (Contingency plans too although neither of us will get to wash our hair if we have to go that route.) And then the bathroom sink started running very very slowly. Bathtub is fine, toilet is fine- sink, not so much. Turns out the sink filter was crammed with iron particles- once I cleaned that out, sink is ok now.

So that’s been most of my evening… although I also note in passing that the person who was bidding on my bottle of Dublin on Ebay canceled their bid. Nice.

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