Day 726

I feel very accomplished- I actually finished all but one item on my list… so, of course, I made another list.

Besides the household chores, I finished a pair of shorts for Nancy. That doesn’t sound like a lot except that I have tried every pattern I could find to basically copy the vintage Mattel shorts and none of them were anywhere close… even the ones put out by Mattel in the 60s. So I got annoyed, ripped apart a pair of vintage shorts and made my own pattern. I’ll post it and the instructions at the end. They turned out pretty well and here they are:

 photo vacationtime_zps2c1cf2c7.jpg
Vacation Time

Yes, Nancy has a new hairstyle for vacation too!

 photo nancynewhair_zps925e6b37.jpg

I did NOT cut her hair- it’s a different hairstyle on a different head (don’t you wish we could do that? No mucking about with wigs…) so she can have her old hair whenever I want.

On a completely different subject, I noticed yesterday that I do not have a good colour vocabulary- especially for a quilter! Emily was going on about how a schoolmate had made a bad error with scarlet lips because they clashed with magenta hair… only it was really more hot pink than magenta… and while I can understand the words, I would never use them. To me it would be red, pink and pink. If I’m feeling especially descriptive, it might have the modifier ‘neon’… or it might not. I guess I have a guy’s colour vocabulary- ecru, ivory, vanilla all become off-white. There might be 50 shades of grey but I don’t see much point in naming them all.

Em’s not been feeling well this weekend. Her doctor thinks it’s allergies, I think she has a cold. Either way, she hasn’t been feeling too good so when she asked for root beer floats Friday, we made them and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning. (I made them last night for this morning, I have to run for work here in a minute.)

Ok, as promised here is the shorts pattern:

Vintage Mattel Pak shorts for 11.5″ fashion dolls

 photo shortspattern_zpsd9363c8b.jpg

(The ruler is included to make sure the printer prints to scale!)

Cut 2 shorts pieces, 1 waistband.

On the wrong side of the fabric, mark and sew darts. Press away from each other.

On the right side of the fabric, turn up the legs on the first line and press.
Turn up the legs again on the second line, press and sew down.

Sew front seam and press open.

Press tabs on the back to the inside
Match legs at the bottom of the hem and sew up.
Sew up back seam to the bottom of the tabs

With wrong sides together, fold waistband in half and press.
Open and press each edge to the center.
Refold and press.
Open all the way, turn down one end and press.

Stitch waistband to waist along the inside of one outer pressing line, matching edges.
Fold the second end under to be flush with the side of the shorts and refold along all pressing lines.
Top stitch down
Sew snap on both ends of the waist band and you’re done!

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