Day 720

I am taking the day off. I’m not scheduled at work and I’ve already told family that I intend to quilt practically all day. I’m currently doing the laundry that has to be done and dinner is already started (Chicken noodle soup- Em’s had a cold) but that is going to be all the chores I do today.

I’m also going to have a few words with some people at work about keeping my days off regular… if I can’t have two off together, I want the same day off every week (other than Saturday) so that I can do all my chores on one day and have the other one actually off.

In the realm of play, I did start Nancy’s Summer Holiday page. It’s far from complete but I’ve managed to get a few pictures up. Eventually, I’m going to have a College Days page for her as well… although I will only wish for the Sorbonne outfit as it’s ridiculously expensive. In one way, it’s nice that people collect vintage barbies… a lot of things that would be lost or not listed on ebay get listed because someone will want them. In another way, it’s rotten because anything that’s in good condition is liable to be bid sky high… or listed sky high to begin with.

I also ran by Goodreads this morning and went through some of the give-aways… mostly to enter the Charles Finch give-away and to acknowledge receipt of the Nick and Tesla book for review. I used to keep up with it religiously but I haven’t lately. I got so tired of most of the books being something I wouldn’t want even if you did give them to me!

It’s going to be a good day for quilting- it’s bright but quite cool… it almost feels like fall. Somehow I never want to quilt as much in warm weather as I do when it’s cooler.

Kudos to my bank, by the way. Apparently my credit card was skimmed and they caught it on the first transaction and called me yesterday. They’re sending me a new card and will reverse the charge that was made… it will show up but don’t pay it and don’t panic. Not sure how it could have been skimmed as I never let it out of my sight… maybe at the gas pump. I’m not going to be using it at the pump any more… I can get a gas card at work for the corner station that’s just about one tank of gas (and pay for it with my credit card) and at other stations I’ll take the time and go in. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was not skimmed at all but that the data was lifted from another source… like the bank’s records.

Ok, quilting voyage setting off now!

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