Day 716

It’s about time to change my icon to fall, I think. I was hanging out clothes today and it’s lovely and even smells like fall!

Today is a sort of ‘working’ day off. Shopping and laundry and this and that… I’m pretty close to done so I might get in some time to quilt… which would be awesome as it’s a very nice day to be out in my quilting room.

In the meantime, I have a couple of funny pics… the first one is from work- I found this grape and bought it (difficult to buy one grape as it turns out) because I didn’t have my camera at work and I had to share this!

Hitch-hiking grape

and the other one is of kitten. Pictures of Nancy ought not to be hard… she’s the perfect subject and always holds a pose just so for as long as I want her to. Kitten is another matter… but she likes to photo-bomb!

Kitten’s Photo-bomb- see what happens when I turn my back just for a second.

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