Day 713

I went to bed very very early last night…. around Emily’s regular bedtime. Since it was Friday, she didn’t go so early and I have no idea what time she stayed up until last night. Either way, she can sleep in this morning as long as she wants so it doesn’t much matter.

The only chore I intended to do today is wash all the quilts and hang them out and switch the quilt in the living room over to the Halloween quilt. I’ll still do it but the sofa cover and so forth can wait… it’s raining now and is supposed to rain all day- only day this week where we have more than a slight chance of rain. Bpppt! (blows raspberry at the weather).

Other than that, I’ll be working on Emily’s quilt. Having gotten up before daylight, I’ve already washed the sheets (and the few clothes that needed it since Wednesday), set out chili for dinner (already made, just needs heating) and cleaned up the kitchen. It was clean-ish when I went to bed but some dishes seem to have magically appeared over night.

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