Day 703 Looping In

On the good side, I’ve been offered and accepted a full time position at my job. Same location, produce department and more money and insurance as well as being able to earn vacation now.

On the bad side, I told Mom and Emily about it- had to as it may mean later hours and some weekends. Today, Emily’s grade in algebra dropped 20 points (her other grades dropped as well, just not by as much) and Mom called me at 6:20pm to tell me that she’d been in bed all day, she was feeling “puney” and I would have to cook dinner. And come get her garbage to put out. And feed the animals. And fix her a soda. And clean the cat box. And…

I expect that these were both subconscious reactions… and both of them were reactions to having me go full-time at work. Passive-aggressive punishment for trying to make my life better. This always happens… and I am not going to back down because I need this. In this economy, nobody is getting full time work- the companies in my area don’t want to hire full-time because they perceive it to be more expensive (it isn’t but that’s a whole different discussion). And if they don’t help me make this work, Em could end up at a school that is not nearly as good as the one she’s at (with none of her friends) and Mom could end up in assisted living. So, yeah, keep throwing those tantrums, girls.

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