Day 695 Other stuff

Ok, this is the personal stuff. I didn’t want to post it with the PetMeds entry in case someone (everyone, I hope) wants to boost the signal for PetMeds.

I’ve almost finished the college outfit for Nancy- I just need to make the hairband. After that, I’ve got another dozen ideas to make or tweak or something as I have time.

Today has been chore day- shopping and laundry (which I still have to fold and make up my bed) and banking and ebay listing. I also still have some reading to do (likely about 2 hours worth) and I treated us to Iron Man 3 on Bluray. Why? Well, Emily has taken off on the cleaning- you should see her room, it absolutely glows. And then she’s cleaned bits in the bathroom that had been sliding into chaos and sorted things in the library… and actually buckled down to do well in school. For the last 5 days, she’s been amazing. So a treat was in order.

It’s a treat for me as well for being stubborn and getting the full time position I’ve been after- it showed up on my check today so next week’s check will actually be a full time check at the new pay rate. I’d better enjoy the extra while I have it. As soon as I sign up for insurance, 1/3 or so of my check will be paying for insurance. Since they already take out 1/6 in taxes, that will be about half my pay. I may end up with less actual money even. *sigh* I’m not sure how this is supposed to help.

Ok, back to work!

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