Day 684

“Let me ‘splain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.”

New position is going pretty well- I’m not actually working very many more hours than I was but I’m no longer worried about double scheduling or if they didn’t schedule me enough hours and that’s a pure relief, make no mistake. I’m liking the new produce manager so far- not that I don’t think our assistant could have done a great job as manager but since he didn’t get it, I’m glad to have someone I can work with.

I have not yet dealt with the insurance problem and I’ve got to do that over the next three days as well as fill out paperwork for both work and DHS (re: Emily’s insurance). I’d rather do my income tax again- by comparison, it’s simple.

Speaking of DHS, I had to call and reschedule my appointment with them. They sent my yearly letter with the date… and it was almost (15 minutes) the same time as a doctor’s appointment I made for Mom months ago. Seriously? I have one thing (besides Thanksgiving) scheduled all month and you have to pick the exact same day and time? Fortunately it was not too hard to change- I expected it to be much worse.

I’ve been working on a couple of outfits for Nancy- yes, this is what I do to forget about all the other stresses in my life. Pictures tonight, I hope. I’m also making up a little story for each one and writing it down in the form of a diary… some people play WoW or Second Life, I build a world for Nancy (maybe I should have named her Mary Sue).

Emily had a friend come over and spend the night Friday and I made monster cupcakes for them- only in my house do the children complain that the cupcakes are too big! They have fall break all next week- which I think is ridiculous. They don’t need a fall break- they have Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks and that’s even a bit much as they get almost a month between those two. How are the supposed to learn if they’re not in school?

I’m backlogged on reading people’s journals and I’m trying to catch up so please excuse if my comments are belated.

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