Day 676

Yesterday was my first day off in a week- and I’ve been too tired to string coherent sentences together. I’m still pretty tired, I didn’t rest as much as I should have, but I did get most of the weekly house chores done and I’ll get the rest Wednesday.

New-manager-at-work (that’s an unwieldy nickname, I need something better) is improving on acquaintance. He needs watching though, he forgets to take breaks although he doesn’t forget that other people need them. I haven’t decided what the best thing about working produce is yet. It could be the weight loss or the fact I’m getting stronger or the better money or that I don’t have to worry about getting enough hours or even that I can’t be double scheduled any more. Tired is the only down-side I’m seeing.

I got Emily a pomegranate and she figured out how to open it and extract the seeds yesterday. I’d never had one before either and neither had Mom… I like them ok, Mom doesn’t like them at all and Emily likes them a lot. Or so she says- I notice that she didn’t eat as much of it as I did. Mom not liking them is to be expected- she doesn’t like any of the juices with pomegranate in them either.

I’ve also got a pumpkin that I’m going to try and cook to make pumpkin pie- I’ve never made pie starting with a pumpkin… it’s always been canned pumpkin before. This should be interesting.

I’m not doing too well on getting Emily’s quilt finished by her birthday. Most of it is that I’m not having time to work on it- or not taking the little time I do have.

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