Day 669

Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all my British chums- I hope all your bonfires were both fun and, most importantly, safe.

 photo coolit_zps2075e6b7.jpg
Cool It: Francie Fashion Pak 1968

This is going to be the last picture of Nancy for awhile- it’s not that I don’t have tons of ideas, it’s that I have no time to work them out. I’m also working on appropriate backgrounds for everything which is taking up both time and more money than I would like.

Mostly, I have this quilt of Emily’s to finish in less than a month! Since I’m going to have a couple of hours dead time at work once or twice a week, I took it off the frame and am now working on it in a hoop so I should be ok.

I discover that I’m going to have to explain what a quilt is to the new produce manager- he’s from Morocco and quilting is a definitely American craft. (Not that no other cultures have quilts, of course they do and some have been quilting longer than we’ve been a country, but that it got bigger here- especially patchwork- probably because of the difficulty and expense in obtaining fabric.)

I’m still loving my job. I still need to sign up for the smoking cessation program and my 401K… but I have those now and that’s awesome. My insurance will go into effect Jan 1st, and if DHS cancels Em’s insurance, I have a month to get her on mine. My legs have almost stopped hurting and I’m both getting stronger and slowly loosing weight.

I also have a couple of alternative revenue sources… and not much time at all to work on them! I set them up before I went full time and needed the money more but one was a promise and I keep promises and, besides, extra money is still nice.

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