Day 650

Ok, I get that Thanksgiving is a holiday mostly about food (it shouldn’t be… but it is). But, OMG people!

I dreamed about celery last night! Our stock room is about to burst at the seams and I’m not sure we have enough potatoes, sweet potatoes and celery even so. For once, we’re putting out something faster than bananas… I just wish that the celery didn’t have to be washed and preped first because I can’t keep ahead.

And sweet potatoes? I put out seven cases of sweet potatoes yesterday morning, the guys filled it up again mid-day and Teddy was filling it yet again just as I left at 4:30. If I had to bet, I would bet he had to fill it again before he left at 8… and it will be empty this morning.

I worked over yesterday, I will possibly work over today and almost certainly on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank goodness I don’t plan to also cook on Thursday! On the good side, no week will seem busy and difficult after this.

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