Day 647

My Thanksgiving isn’t going to be quite what one thinks of when one thinks of Thanksgiving. There won’t be a turkey (there will be stuffing!) and no family that doesn’t live here will be here. I don’t have to work… but I’ll be working all day on Mom’s Christmas gift… the floor in her laundry room.

I didn’t intend to do that (although I did offer) because she hired some one to do it for her. She wanted to use up all the leftover scraps of hardwood that we had laying around from me reflooring rooms in my house… which seems sensible, even if they don’t fit exactly… and she needed a new floor in the laundry room (see Friday evening with swearing). So… she’s afraid there might not be enough flooring and has me pick up another box of something for cheap and her handyman comes to start working. Two days later, he’s claiming that there isn’t enough flooring to finish the job, the floor is only about 2/3 finished… and he started with the NEW stuff. Arrgh. There’s more than enough to finish… but the water heater is in the way and it’s positioned so that it can’t be raised without being entirely replumbed and the pipes for it are in the middle of the floor and not exactly close together. I can run the flooring up to the water heater and around the pipes without disconnecting anything… and I will but it’s going to be a right bear and have lots of little pieces.

Personally, I would have started with the oldest, thinnest boards and in the corner with the water heater- do the most difficult part of the room first and the easier parts when you’re running out of space. Now I have to go in and finish up his backwards half-assed mess. It will probably take me all day and that will be my Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, I have bunches to be thankful for this year!

    My good health
    My family’s good health
    The most awesome best friend in the world
    A full time job- with benefits!
    Enough money for everything we need (if not everything we want)
    A lot of good friends that I care for and admire
    Loosing weight without trying (still slow but continuing)
    A car that runs
    Books that I haven’t read actually in my house
    The second part of the Hobbit coming out soon

The last bit was pretty trivial, I know, but sometimes little things make me very happy.

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