Day 645

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving… or a good Thursday for those who don’t observe the US Thanksgiving. I said I was going to spend the day fixing the floor in Mom’s laundry room which is exactly what I did.

 photo PB290106_zpsbe32979a.jpg

 photo PB290107_zps73e5c94f.jpg

I only had the last third to do- the handyman did the easy two thirds and then finked out- so I did all that’s in the other colour of wood (using up scraps). Mom didn’t want the water heater moved and it can’t be raised (it’s under a cabinet) so I had to floor around the water heater and it’s attachments. I also cut and fitted a piece between the kitchen and the laundry room that he had left when he laid the kitchen floor. There are nails only in the last piece- the rest of it is tongue in groove and fitted together with pressure. (I’m here to tell you, that floor is not budging!)

Obviously, I’m kind of sore today.

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