Day 629

Christmas comes early at my house.

We still have the family Christmas with a tree (sometimes) and presents and the dinner… but the real Christmas is when my best friend comes to visit. She’s here now and it’s by way of being wonderful- I’m making a super dinner tonight (steak with Marchand de Vin sauce) and we’re going to go see the Hobbit this afternoon.

And there were presents…
Over the years I’ve had some odd combinations of gifts- one year I had a demi-tasse set and a soldering iron- and this year is not different. There’s a Chessie mug– Chessie and Peak and the kittens all in colour (so cute! I’ve been in love with that advertising campaign ever since I first saw it) and Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore (Grimm geekery) and a 1/6 scale Roadmaster bicycle for Nancy. OMG, you guys have to see this bike! It’s one of the most detailed miniatures I’ve ever seen- balloon tires and the seat springs work- the pedals actually turn the back wheel… and it’s the perfect scale for Nancy. And then black cat face slippers (no idea where I could wear them but I adore them anyway… and I’m not a shoe-girl). Another friend has sent me a Cthulhu-themed package… now I suppose I should at least go and read the books!

I’ve also had my package from Eliz with lovely Lush- the stuff I always use instead of something new and frothy that I might or might not get to use. From Lush, I’d rather have the shampoo and conditioner (and she sent me extra conditioner- I never buy enough) than the bubble bars or bath melts. It’s a daily luxury that I greatly appreciate.

Ok, that’s enough gushing, I think.

This post doesn’t sound like it but I actually enjoy giving gifts as much or more than getting them. I love finding just the perfect thing for someone… even better if they don’t even know it exists… and seeing their face when they open it 🙂 For that reason, I am still looking forward to Christmas morning- although I don’t know if I’m going to get this quilt finished or not!

And now we have The Hobbit- and subsequent fan-girl geeking!

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