Day 628

The Hobbit does not follow the book. AT ALL.

In spite of that, I liked it very much. The only added thing that gave me a bit of pause was the breaking up of the company- that sooo did not happen. And Benedict Cumberbatch as the dragon? Delicious!

It’s good that the movie did not disappoint because I did have one terrible thing happen this weekend. I was feeding the cats Friday just after Zenkitty got here and Shredder was being silly and not eating… and we had to get over to Mom’s for dinner so I bunged her and her food in the crate so the other two couldn’t take it away from her and she’d have a chance to eat. She does not like the crate and when I got home, she had grabbed at anything she could reach trying to get out. Unfortunately, my number one box- the one that comes out first at Christmas- was too close and it was one of the things she grabbed. And it has (had) a folder taped to the top of it for my very first Advent calendar… which I had chosen not to use this year in favor of the Norman Rockwell one.

45 years I’ve had that calendar and I never even tore the doors off… and now it’s a pile of shredded paper. I’m very sad about that. It was a Stuttgart-Rohr German calendar in the shape of a house with flowers on the doors- number 50. I’m going to look for a replacement but I’m very afraid I won’t be able to find one.

On the good side of that, while looking for a new one, I found the neatest calendar- it’s a chimney with a Santa figure on top and as you pull out the numbered blocks, he goes further and further down the chimney and arrives in the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

I think this is perfectly make-able- I foresee another project for me!

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