Day 622

Emily’s quilt will not be done for Christmas either.

After Christmas, I’m going to drag my manager aside and have a little talk about stable schedules and why it is important to be able to predict one’s schedule from week to week.

You all remember the great cookie baking last year? I made hundreds of cookies and I was not working any less than I am now but I worked the same hours on the same days and I was able to plan what I could do around work. This year we don’t even have a GD tree and that’s one tradition I never let go! It is not irrational to request and require that the hours one works do not bounce all over the map- especially at the holidays. I’m much too busy to have to deal with this level of chaos.

I am also pretty upset about my advent calendar and have been looking for a replacement. (One wonders how many I’ll end up with before I find another one of the ones I already had!) So far I’ve found a couple of great ones- a Nutcracker themed one and some others- and most of them I am trying hard not to either make or buy. I am going to make a “Santa down the chimney” one because it looks easy and it’s adorably cute.

I had an idea for a “Honeymoon” calendar for couples- Just a bit picture of the moon with 31 doors on it and behind the doors either a picture from the Kama Sutra (spicy version) or a suggestion of something sweet to do together with an SO (sweet version). It could even be made with sliding tabs so if you pulled the tab to the right, you got ‘sweet’ and if you pulled the tab to the left, you got ‘spicy’ like those old picture books with moving parts. I don’t know that I’ll ever make that one although it would be very cool- I don’t have an SO to share it with and that could be depressing- but if someone wants to take the idea and run with it, feel free (and send me one!) I think it might have potential on Etsy, perhaps.

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