Day 615 Thoughts in the crack

What do you call this week between Christmas and New Year’s? It should have a name. It doesn’t feel like it’s still 2013 but it’s not 2014 yet… the crack between the years.

I’m spending the tail end of the year looking at some of my habits and thinking what I would like to do to change them- mental housecleaning, if you will. I’m also planning some physical house cleaning- not just doing the floors (which are gross) but cleaning out the tool room so I can get to things and cleaning up the sewing room so I can work as soon as it’s warm enough.(The sewing room has become a misnomer- it’s the room I also use for bookbinding and packing shipments up- work room might be a better term now.)

First off, I want to get off soda. Soda is bad for you, it’s expensive and it takes the place of water or other drinks which would be better choices. Since I typically drink diet soda, that’s even worse and I need to stop spending money on it. (yes, I know I’m spending a lot more money on cigarettes which are even worse in so many ways but let’s start small and build, shall we?)

Second, I want to limit my internet/ebay time. At the end of the year, I spent far too much time zoning out on ebay or the internet in other ways and there are a lot better ways to spend my time.

Third, with the time I’m not spending on line, I want to read more and finish more of my projects this year.

I think that’s enough to be going on with… when those things are habit, I’ll implement more changes.

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One Response to Day 615 Thoughts in the crack

  1. Me too, pretty much all of it. I also feel like the week between Christmas and New Year is a week out of time. I’m not working, I have nothing planned, it just floats.

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