Day 610

I think I am about over my “cozy mystery” phase, thank God. Which is not to say I won’t be reading mysteries any more- not at all- I just won’t be reading the mysteries that are not much more than thinly veiled romance. When a book is billed as “a Southern Quilting Mystery”, I expected that quilting would be integral to the story and I have found that it’s not so at all and often the plot is so thin as to not deserve the name. But when I’m standing in a bookstore with a gift card in my hand and new books out in series that I have been following and I don’t want to buy them, I want something better, it’s time to stop reading those books.

I’ll still be reading the Charles Lennox mysteries and the Gaslight series and the Bibliophile series because they did not disappoint (although the Bibliophile series has had a bit of romance mixed in). The period mysteries have been worth the time and the bibliophile series has had something about books as part of the plot so they stay.

There are so many books I want to read, why have I been wasting my time on fluff that I don’t actually want to read? I might as well have been reading ’50 shades of Grey’ or some other tripe. I’m going to participate in the Goodreads 2014 challenge with a goal of 104 books this year. I only managed 62 last year so that’s a stretch but I think the whole point of the challenge is to stretch. I would try for more except that reading is not all I want to do this year.

I want to finish two quilts… not including this one for Emily that I should have finished over a month ago.

I want to bind at least two books.

I want to finish some of the things for Nancy that I have started.

And I want to waste less of my time and use more of it.

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2 Responses to Day 610

  1. Lynn Duvall says:

    Books that knocked me out in 2013: Bring Up the Bodies, about the Tudor court, Thomas Cromwell in particular, and the death of Anne Boleyn. Vivid writing, 400+ pages and I couldn’t put it down. The Daylight Gate by Jeanette Winterson, a short much different kind of mystery (the intelligent kind) that was so incredible I read it twice. Mrs. Poe about the writer’s affair with a married poet who loved him deeply, wherein we discover that everything we thought we knew about Poe turns out to have come from one biography, written by a man who loathed him and envied his success. The Night Circus, impossible to describe but enchanting and haunting. If you decide to read one of this, I’ll bet you pause more than once thinking “I could have been reading this instead of that stupid mystery-romance. Have fun!

  2. wren08 says:

    You know, I swear the universe is pushing me to read The Night Circus- I almost picked it up the other day. I definitely want to read Bringing up the Bodies- I love that period! Thank you for the recommendations!

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