Day 605

It has slowly dawned on me that to get rid of the cozy mysteries I don’t want to keep, I’m going to have to go back and read at least parts of them to make sure it’s not something I do want to keep. Bother.

Watching a TV show with someone is so much better if they’re in the same room… or even the same state!

Getting the dogs to come into the sewing room (I needed to spring clean it anyway) for the last two nights has been an adventure in frustration. One dog is fine with it… I put her bed in there so that’s where she’s supposed to sleep. The other dog? Would freeze to death right outside the door before he’d step one foot over the threshold. And this is the one that’s so hard to catch (or even touch) so catching him and putting him in for the night has been… interesting. I hope whoever traumatized him this badly gets what they deserve.

I need to find someone with a scroll saw who would cut some very small pieces of wood out for me. I can get the pattern but I’m not sure I can cut out something so fine with a hand saw.

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