Day 600 In which I drink tea

I’ve been feeling stinky over the weekend- I actually left work an hour early Saturday and I never do that. I think it’s sinus mess- gunk in my head so I feel nasty when I bend over and not at all hungry. I didn’t eat anything from lunch Saturday until dinner Sunday (in spite of that, I didn’t lose any weight- grump).

What I did do was drink tea. ALL the tea!
I noticed that I had a lot of different teas that I had either gotten to try or people had sent to me (including 9 different types of Earl Grey, for instance) and I decided to embark on a testing voyage. My goal was to discover which teas I would buy again, which I would drink but not buy again and which ones I should get rid of either by giving away or throwing away (some were too bad to even give away.)

I drank 22 cups of tea. (The things we do in the name of science, right?)

The upshot of all this is that I prefer Taylor’s of Harrogate Earl Grey, followed by Stash (surprising- I’d assumed Twinnings would come out on top). I also liked the Gypsy rose tea, Bigelow’s Constant Comment, and Tevana’s Black Dragon Pearl. Those are the ones I would buy again along with a Celestial Seasonings (Mellow Mint) that I don’t actually have in the house and the Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong Oolong that I make in my Yixing mouse. I find it kind of amusing that only one of the Tevana teas made the cut- two if you include Phoenix Mountain but as they’ve discontinued it and I’ll have to find it elsewhere, I really don’t.

I also worked on Emily’s quilt and watched things over her shoulder (Comedians in Cars going for Coffee) and went to bed early. I’ll have to catch up on all my TV shows later this week.

Speaking of that, I don’t think I’m going to be watching Agents of Shield anymore. NBC now requires that you log in with your cable service to watch it online and (as I would always miss the first few minutes at the best of times) I can’t watch it as it airs. I could find torrents… but that’s more trouble than it’s worth considering that I’m already following three other shows which is more than I’ve ever tried to keep up with before.

We also made (she made and I helped) a basic cheesecake in a springform pan. This is the beginning of Emily learning to make cheesecakes and we will be making one about every other month this year. (It’s not cheap and it’s very fattening or we’d be making them more often.) I’m quite proud of her first effort!

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