Day 599 More about tea…

Or really not. What I want to talk about is the appalling amount of difficulty I’m having with finding a Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong Oolong for my Yixing mouse pot. You’d think, with such a specific name, that it would not be very hard… but tea culture is apparently unbelievably complex- not unlike wine culture or all the nonsense that goes on about coffee- and there are a bunch of different teas that all have that name and then are split into ‘fragrance’ categories like Orange Blossom or Honey Orchid.

This is more information than I really wanted to have to tussle with.

Also, there is no definitive way to brew it. Not that eveyone doesn’t say there is… and they get very detailed and specific about it… but one place says one teaspoon to 8 ounces of water for three minutes at 195° and another goes into washing the pot and leaves (half a potful) and then multiple brewings and so on with lots of special equipment.

Really? I just want a nice cup of tea!

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