Day 586

Have you ever gone looking for something that you know you put “in a safe place” and not be able to remember where said ‘safe place’ is? Annoying.

I hope the K-cup fad passes quickly. Not only are people paying $7 or $8 for one pot of coffee but the litter it’s generating is fearsome to contemplate. I note in passing that Celestial Seasonings is offering K-cups… which is a total selling out of everything the company espoused when it began. Could we go back to the muslin bags, please? They were biodegradable at least. (This saddens me because for many years, I thought they were a wonderful company. They still are in many respects- I just think that the amount of waste created by K-cups would have been abhorrent and it’s obviously not.)

If you have to drive very far to ‘buy local’, is it better to buy closer to home and save the gas (and resulting air pollution) or go ahead and make the trip? Inquiring minds want to know.

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