Day 585 Snow Day

I love my weather service (Weather Underground). Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work and Emily was getting ready for school, I told her to pack extra books in a seperate bag to leave in the car (lots of extra books) and I added a thermal mug with a selection of tea bags in a baggie. I also didn’t start work until 9 so I took her quilt to work on… and to have it there for her to wrap up in when she got in from school. All these preparations were because Weather Underground said it would begin snowing around 10 am and I expected school to be let out early.

At 10 am, it began to snow. Since I had already told my co-workers that I expected snow at 10, I got some funny, funny looks. When Emily got there at 11:15, I told her to get her books, make some tea and wrap up in her quilt- I was working until 5:30. I did leave work a bit early- I was worried it would take a long time to get home. Since everybody rushed home around mid-day, it was not too bad for traffic. The downside is that I live so far out that they don’t salt or sand or plow and we slithered several times on the hills. Since the snow was still just snow- I managed to get us home ok and in a shorter time than I had allowed for by a little.

This morning, all that snow on the roads is ice and there are several cars in ditches. I like my job very well but I called in this morning- I’ll go in later if the roads get better. (This pre-supposes that I can get my car out of the driveway- not a foregone conclusion at all!) In the mean time, I let the dogs out to go potty and then back in as soon as they asked (which was almost at once.) The sewing room is not warm… but it’s wind free and a d*mned sight warmer than outside right now. I’m also leaving the faucets dripping… below freezing will freeze your pipes in the daytime too.

Most of this mess should be over by Thursday mid-day… Thursday morning we may still be snowed in until it warms up some.

So it’s a good day for quilting!

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2 Responses to Day 585 Snow Day

  1. Dan Poirier says:

    The bummer about a job like mine is even if we can’t get to the office, they just expect us to work from home.

    • wren08 says:

      Somehow it’s not possible for me to do my current job from home. If I could, I wouldn’t mind but then I’d also take more days and telecommute!

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